Academy of dental practice career
Academy of dental practice career

In this two day session, each student will have one-on-one interaction with the instructor, and from individual workstations. This course will help students understand and realize that how the dental office handles and bills insurance can be a first impression of the doctor and the practice. Since it is a practice builder or practice breaker, it is the insurance biller's responsibility to have updated knowledge of benefit limitations, frequencies, and insurance contracts. It is equally important to have systems in place for follow up and collections of patients' out of pocket co-payments. Understanding dental benefits, as well as having proper procedures and protocols in place, can help increase practice efficiency, decrease stress, and improve cash flow.

You will learn how to:

  • Obtain Information from the Patient and Verify Coverage
  • Complete the Claim Form including Documentation
  • Electronically Send Narratives and Attachments
  • Record the Information into a Tracking System
  • Post Insurance Payments and Adjustments
  • Record Payments in your Tracking System
  • Follow Up on Unpaid Claims
  • Generate Aging Reports
  • Spot Most Common Errors
  • Use the CDT Manual

"With the majority of dental offices being driven by insurance, accurate billing and coding is a powerful tool in maximizing practice profitability. A well trained dental biller is required to keep track of payments from insurance carriers, filing and submitting authorizations and claims, verifying eligibility, explaining treatment to patients, and collecting the correct co-payments."