Academy of dental practice career
Academy of dental practice career
Digital Imaging Processing


Even though the fundamentals have never changed, digital images are an example of how technology has updated dentistry. Now, more than ever, the process of taking x-rays is efficient, effective, and less time consuming.

As the majority of dental practices are moving in this direction, and going paperless at the same time, it is essential that dental staff members keep up with these advances.

This class is for people who already hold their x-ray license, and need help learning how to process digital images in the office computer. Designed to help the clinician understand how digital technology works, the student will learn from basic to advanced how to process images digitally. This class does not teach how to take x-rays.

Advantages of Digital
  • High Tech and Instant Diagnosis
  • Quick, Easy, Increased Case Acceptance
  • Reduced Radiation
  • No Processor or Hazardous Chemicals
  • Freedom from Developing and Mounting
The Basics
  • Digital System Basics
  • Sensor Design and Sizes
  • Sensor Care Instructions, Do's and Dont's
  • Tools, Universal Holders and Accessories
The Advanced
  • Image Quality
  • Creating and Editing X-ray Templates
  • Advanced Enhancements, Effects and Tools
  • Typical X-ray Processing Errors
Academy of dental parctice career Becky Gerber instructor
Becky Gerber, Instructor