Academy of dental practice career
Academy of dental practice career

     In-Office Training is perfect:

  •      For the practice experiencing turnover
  •      For staff members who never had formal training
  •      For new team members
  •      For Doctor who wants to be informed
  •      For spouses who want to help

In-Office training means that Becky Gerber will come to your office on a daily rate basis.  Clients have called her the alternative to on-line training or webinars, since she is local to Southern California and teaches in person.  Instruction is problem focused, results oriented and can be customized to the needs of the staff and practice.

We ask that you organize your own agenda of questions and challenges. This will insure that all your concerns are properly addressed. Becky will work through all the issues with the team, either individually or as a group.

Now Serving California, Washington, and Oregon

Hi Becky,

It was really great meeting you yesterday! My wife thinks you gave her an excellent birthday present yesterday and I agree. It is really rewarding to get control of a practice for the first time and you are making that possible. I used to always wonder what was going on behind that desk and you are pulling apart the curtains for us, which is empowering. We are excited about our front office employee and I have no doubt she will come through with your excellent mentoring skills.
We are looking forward to a brighter future at LJS Dental because of meeting you!

Best Regards,