Academy of Dental Practice


3-Day Front Office Master's Program

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Agenda Day 1
No Nonsense Leadership Techniques
  • Build a Superstar Team and Facilitate Goals
    • The Meaning of a Great Leader
    • Common Leadership Skills
    • Communicating the Vision
  • Personality Profiles and their Impact on the Team
    • DISC Personality Test
    • Study the 4 Personality Traits with Focus on Work
    • How Personalities Affect the Team
    • Put the Right Person in the Right Position
  • Interview Questions
    • Job Related, and Body Language
  • Performance Reviews
    • How to make them Job Related not Emotion Based
    • Clarity Regarding Wage Increases
    • Clarity Regarding Goals
  • Reports, Monitors, Statistics
    • Numbers Don’t Lie
    • What to look for when Evaluating Job Performance
    • Profile of an Embezzler
  • Training
    • Most Common Errors in the Dental Front Office
    • Cross Training and Computer Training
    • Based off of Job Description
  • Job Descriptions, the Who, What, Why, Where
    • Office Manager
    • Insurance Coordinator
    • Scheduling Coordinator
    • Treatment Coordinator
  • New Hires, Would You Hire You?
    • Orientation Checklist
    • Personnel Policy Manual
    • Forms
    • Rewards and Bonus Options that Motivate
  • Positive and Productive Staff Meetings,
    “It Takes a Village”…
    • Why do we have Meetings
    • Why do we have Monitors
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly
    • How to Make the Meeting Productive, not a War of Words
    • Agendas/Note Taking
    • Empowering Ideas for Meetings
Agenda Day 2
Medical Insurance an Untapped Resource
  • The Role of the Doctor in Medical Billing
  • The Role of the Team in Medical Billing
  • Creating Templates and Superbills
  • Code Books and how they are used
    • Procedure Codes
    • ICD-10 Codes
  • Procedures that can be Billed to Medical Insurance
  • In-House Billing System
    Outsourcing Medical Billing
  • Sign all Clinical Notes
    • Regardless of Whether Dental or Medical
    • Make sure entire team knows where to put notes
  • Enhancing SOAP Notes and Documentation for Better Reimbursement
    • SOAP Notes
    • Proper Documentation
    • Health History
  • Innovative Methods for Treatment Planning, and Gathering Health Histories
    • CMS-1500 Claim Form
    • How to fill out the CMS-1500 Claim Form
caduceus Afternoon Activities Include an Interactive Workshop on filling out the claim form

Participants are invited to bring case studies
Agenda Day 3
Systems, Systems, Systems
  • No Nonsense Formulas for Scheduling to Goal
    • Scheduling to Goal
    • Formula for Figuring Daily Goal
    • Scheduling Rules
    • Reports for Filling Holes
  • Verbiage to Enhance Patient Compliance
  • Receiving Money, a Fun Function of the Front Office
  • Facts about Accounts Receivable
    • Insurance
    • Collections
    • Breakdown of Aged Accounts
    • Facts about AR
    • Over the Counter vs. In the Mail
  • Necessary Reports for Monitoring Practice Progress and Supervising Team Growth
    • Adjustments
    • Practice Numbers and Statistics
    • Audit Trails
    • Insurance
    • Collection/A.R./Statements
  • Goals/Budgets
    • Fixed Expenses
    • Variable Expenses
    • Chart Audit & Reactivation
    • New Patient Interview/Experience
    • Handle every patient like an egg
    • Hand-offs
Class Times are 9am to 4pm
To Register Call 877-235-7100
or Email