Geared towards Dentists and Practice Administrators, this program is offered once a year, in Portland, Oregon. It is designed to help advance the leadership and organizational skills of each participant, while teaching techniques in enhancing practice productivity. Additionally, this course emphasizes increased case acceptance through medical insurance billing.

In this 3 day seminar, participants will learn the fundamentals of medical insurance billing in "Medical Insurance an Untapped Resource", how to hire the right team members and conduct productive staff meetings in "No Nonsense Leadership Techniques", and advanced front office systems in "Systems, Systems, Systems".

Dental Front Office Master's Program

"I absolutely love and enjoyed the 3 day course. Becky exceeded my expectations giving us tons of useful information."

Janny Chingas July 26, 2017

No Nonsense Leadership Techniques

Medical Insurance an Untapped Resource

Systems, Systems, Systems

First Team Member $1495

Additional Team Member $1295

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With Academy of Dental Practice Careers, people can gain the practical knowledge and skills necessary to work with confidence in a dental front office.